Barco Cinema Projector XDL-4K60 60,000 lumens, 4K, 3-chip DLP RGB laser large venue projector

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Projector type Native 4K 3-chip DLP digital projector up to 120 Hz
Technology 1.38" DMD™ x3
Resolution 4,096 x 2,160

Up to 56,000 center lumens using HC lenses / Up to 60,000 center lumens using HB lenses

59,200 ansi lumen

66,600 ISO lumen

Native contrast ratio 2,800:1 (typical using HC lenses) / 500:1 ANSI contrast (typical) | 2,000:1 (typical using HB lenses) / 450:1 ANSI contrast (typical)
Prime lenses HC: 1.13-1.72; 1.35-1.86; 1.46-2.10; 1.65-2.60; 2.00-3.35 / HB : XLD 0.8; 1:0 ; 1.45-1.8; 1.8-2.4; 2.2-3.0; 2.8-5.5; 5.5-8.5
Optical lens shift Vertical up to +/-100%, depending on lens
Horizontal up to +/- 32%, depending on lens
Motorized zoom and focus with memory
Motorized lens shift with memory
Light source Direct coupled RGB lasers 6P
Light source lifetime 20,000 hrs* 30,000 hrs**
Color correction P7
Optical dowser Standard
Orientation Tilt 45° up and 30° downwards | Rotation – 20 degrees / +90 degrees (=Portrait)
Sealed DLP™ core Standard
Inputs Slot 1 :Dual HDBt; HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2); DP 1.2 (HDCP 1.3); Quad 3G/12G SDI / BarcoLink | Slot 2: Quad DP1.2
Input resolutions

From NTSC up to 4K (4,096 x 2,160) 120 Hz

refresh rates:

24hz to 120hz 4K/4KUHD (4096 x 2160/ 3860 x 2160)

Picture-by-picture Two sources simultaneously
CLO (constant light output) Standard
ScenergiX Horizontal and vertical edge blending
Image processing Embedded warp & blend engine
Keystone correction Yes
Integrated web server Yes
Software tools Projector Toolset
Control XLR wired + IR, RS232, Wifi (opt), GSM (opt)
Network connection 10/100 base-T, RJ-45 connection, Wifi (optional)
Dimensions (WxLxH) Projector: 744 x 1,445 x 706 mm / 29.3 x 56.9 x 27.8 inches (with feet, no lens) | Two chillers, each with the following dimensions: 701 x 701 x 800 mm / 27.6 x 27.6 x 31.5 inches
Weight Projector: 235kg (~520lb) / Chillers: ~115kg (~250lb) per chiller (two chillers needed)
Cooling liquid hose length 2.5-5-10m (8.2-16.4-32.8ft)
Power requirements Projector: 200-240/346-415V 50-60Hz 16A 3W+N+PE (Y connection) / Power cord size range: 4 sq mm to 6 sq mm, 10AWG to 8AWG /Circuit breaker range: 25A to 40A | 200-240V 3W+PE 28A 50-60Hz (/\- connection) / Power cord size: 6 sq mm, 8AWG / Circuit breaker: 40A
Chillers: 230/400V 3W+N+PE 16A, 2.5 sq mm (Y connection) or 208V / 3W+PE (/\- connection) / Max. 16A per phase
Ambient temperature 10-35°C (95°F) Max. (projector and chillers)
Operational humidity 5-80% (non condens)
Power consumption Projector @ full laser power: 6.7 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 3.6 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
Chillers @ full laser power: 3.0 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 2.5 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
3D systems Color3D (Barco Laser3D): Native 6-primary color-3D system. Only requires color filter glasses / Active glasses systems / Polarization recuperation systems
Safety class Class 1, RG3
Certifications CE; ETL/UL/FCC
*Note *Less than 20% decrease during a runtime of 20,000 hrs
**Less than 20% decrease during a runtime of 30,000 hrs when:
- ambient temperature <30°C (86°F) max (projector and chillers)
- operational humidity <75% (non condens)

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